Fundraising for ConnecTeD Foundation

Fundraising for ConnecTeD Foundation is a rewarding experience, knowing you are raising funds for much needed research, support and services for rare Connective Tissue Disorders (CTDs).

Fundraise Online

Fundraising online for ConnecTeD Foundation is very simple and easy. Simply become an Every Day Hero Fundraiser and fundraise online for ConnecTeD Foundation today!

Steps to take to fundraise online

  1. Become a  Every Day Hero Fundraiser by following the link and clicking on build fundraising page or select a fundraising to participate in eg. City2Surf
  2. Promote your online fundraising efforts using Facebook, Twitter, Email or any other means to help raise funds online. The possibilities are endless!

Host a Fundraising Event

Hosting a fundraising event with the proceeds going to ConnecTeD Foundation can be a fun and rewarding exercise. There are a few rules and regulations that you will need to follow, however they are not complex and will make your event run smoothly and legally as set out by The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing NSW and the Department of Fair Trading NSW.

Steps to take to host a fundraising event

  1. Download ConnecTeD Foundation Event Registration Package
  2. Complete and send back to us via email or mailing address
  3. Wait for a response from ConnecTeD Foundation
  4. Recieve a Letter of Authority to Fundraise from ConnecTeD Foundation (very important, you can not fundraise, advertise, promote for ConnecTeD Foundation without this letter)
  5. Advertise event, fundraise, promote and host your event keeping ConnecTeD Foundation informed of progress
  6. Deposit funds raised into ConnecTeD account or via cheque

If you have any questions, please contact ConnecTeD Foundation using our online form.


Fundraising not for you? Why not make an online donation now?

Make a once off donation or regular donation to ConnecTeD Foundation

Click here to go to our online donation page hosted by our friends at Everyday Hero.